Kyle1Hi, Kyle Brand here with the November Market Report.

November has proved to be an interesting month with a number of events influencing the market place. On the supply side of the market, stock levels remain tight. Although there has been an increase in the number of Central Coast property owners in preliminary discussions about putting their property on the market for sale. We certainly expect to see higher levels of properties available for sale moving into 2016.

natural-disasterIt’s something we have no control over and not even the weather man can predict what it will do! The weather can be our best friend and worst enemy, and although we don’t like to think about how destructive it can be to our property, we can be prepared to help in a natural disaster.

So what happens if you are a landlord and your investment property has been affected by a Natural disaster such as flood or a fire and is now partially or totally uninhabitable? 

PlanWould we be correct in saying, most of us all love a good plan? And most importantly putting it into action and seeing it work its magic! 

It’s no secret, in today’s day and age we all seem to be time poor and our to-do-list growing by the minute leaving us with little (or no) time to find that perfect new home. But what if we said, we have a solution and it comes in the form of…A PLAN!!

Ifence-1t's a simple questions, but a fair one at that and one that often leaves neighbours scratching their heads and left wondering who actually owns the fence that divides their properties.

The big question...who is responsible for pruning that out-of-control crawling ivy that's taking over the 50 year old falling down fence? And more importantly who should be reaching into their pockets to replace/repair the fence?

Tax-depreciationDepreciation can offer significant tax breaks to property investors, yet many fail to take full advantage of the savings available to them.

What type of deductions can I claim?

There are two basic types of depreciation allowances available to investors. Division 43 Capital Works Deductions and Division 40 Plant and Equipment Deductions.

Home-ownership-blogLet's be honest, we all can at times be guilty of rushing into things; one because our emotions kick in and take over and two because we are human and we are impatient and need to have it right this instant! Even though purchasing a property is one of the biggest financial transactions we will ever make, it often falls into the category of "I need this right now" and we forget to do our homework and properly research the market, location and of course the property itself.

Bank-LoanSecuring a home loan with a new bank is a relationship you want to get right.

It’s important to find a bank which offers the right products and level of service you’re looking for. But, how do know when you've found the 'one'? 

Here are five key signs to help you decide, the right loan for your circumstances. 

Auctioneer2xAuction Day - it can be scary and exciting, especially if this property is "the one'!

Things happen quickly at auction so it’s important that buyers are well prepared and have a plan in place to help stay cool under pressure.

The auction day game plan is really a number of tactics that allow you to stamp your authority on the auction and leave the impression that you know what you’re doing.

mindsetThe mind is a powerful thing: it can help us make many big life decisions. But it can also hinder us.

So is your mindset holding you back from buying your dream property? Here are five common questions that play with buyers’ minds.

Should you choose with your heart or your head?

Paint-image1If you only have the weekend to work on those DIY renovations, the last thing you want to do is get in too deep and leave your DIY project half completed. You don't want to put those projects off until the holidays either.

What's the solution? Use your weekends to complete the small projects and you won't have to spend your holidays working at home.

Property-EquityxDid you know you can use the equity in your house to finance the purchase of an investment property?

We sat down with Bankwest Lending General Manager Carolyn Morris to learn some of the basics.

"Many first-time investors are unaware it's possible to use the equity they have built up in their home to  finance or buy an investment property," says Morris.