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Senior Property Manager - Friendly, approachable and down-to-earth, Karla is extremely well suited to her role with George Brand; highly skilled and with a reputation for outstanding customer care, she’s a dedicated professional with a strong real estate background.

Focused, precise and organised with a diligent eye for detail, Karla is drawn to the fast-paced challenges of real estate and is driven by her determination to provide her clients with exceptional service experiences and deliver them optimum results. Karla has always had a passion for property and has been proactive in acquiring and maintaining an in-depth knowledge of the industry and Residential Tenancy Act.

Her honesty, integrity and knowledge ensure looking after your investment runs as smoothly as possible and her professional, no nonsense approach ensure tenants are fully aware of their responsibilities right from the start. Her vast skill set & exceptional interpersonal skills enable her to consistently maximise rewards for investors and provide exceptional service to property owners and tenants alike.

To whom it may concern,

Ms Karla Barlow acted as a property management agent for me for my rental property in Kincumber, NSW from Jun-2015 to Jun-2016 (when the property was sold). Karla proved herself very capable in dealing with difficult tenants and often gave me very good advice on appropriate courses of action in difficult situations. Karla was also very meticulous & competent in managing numerous activities (tenant terminations, insurance claims, repairs, renovations, liaising with the selling agent, etc) leading up to the eventual sale of the property; in many cases ‘going the extra mile’ to ensure things went smoothly for me.

At all times, Karla was very responsive to all of my queries and requests. Karla’s natural communication skills and competence made her a pleasure to deal with and I have no hesitation in recommending Karla to others for similar tasks to those she has performed so admirably for me.

Dr Boyd Murray