Avoca and Terrigal Beach's were a mass of huge waves and dangerous currents blowing in from every direction and suffered severe erosion, streets were littered with fallen trees and debris and hundred of homes fell victim to leaks and flooding and required the assistance of the SES.

Was your investment property damaged in the recent storm? So what happens if your investment property is partially or totally uninhabitable?

What can you and your tenant do if the property is partly uninhabitable.

If the property is only partly uninhabitable your tenant may make the decision to stay in the property while the repairs are being carried out. This should only be considered if the damage is relatively minor and there is no ongoing safety risk.

Regardless of whether they move out temporarily or continue to live in the partially damaged property it is your responsibility for maintaining the property, including cleaning or clearing any debris caused by a storm, fire or flood. The rent may need to be reduced. The level of rent payable will depend on the extent of the damage and the amount of use they have of the property. Any agreement in these situations should be put in writing, including how long and how much the rent will be reduced.