George Brand Real Estate: Showcase

The Hybrid Marketing System is a marketing strategy that encompasses the majority of the aspects of the private treaty method of sale in terms of a price guide, offering the opportunity to buy now, but it also introduces a proposed end date for marketing with an auction date.

Complementing this strategy with a powerful marketing package designed and completely tailored to your specific needs, a competitive atmosphere is created by casting a wide net and securing numerous enquiries. Our cleverly constructed marketing package not only gives your property an advantage over other properties, but increases your chance of gaining a premium price.

HMS gives the seller choices and options during the marketing process.

Your property is marketed with a price range stating ‘For Sale Now or Auction’ on a scheduled date.

This method gives the buyers an option to buy prior to auction by submitting a strong offer.

Once we have tested your property by placing it on the market, we can then determine the amount of buyer interest. This will guide you as to whether you should sell prior to, or proceed to auction.

You don’t lose buyers who are hesitant to attend an auction and they will still visit the property. Having a scheduled sale date (auction date) keeps the pressure on the buyers as there is a deadline and they need to make a decision.